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Cartwheel Camp

Want to learn a cartwheel, a one handed cartwheel, or an aerial? This camp is perfect for all skill levels!

Cartwheel Camp requirements: Must be 5yrs.+ and have the start of a handstand.

Program Details


Fees are due at the time of registration. All fees are non refundable and no credit can be given. 

  • $124 for 8 weeks 


To participate in our programs, first check with our office staff for class availability by calling (559) 432-6292, then fill out the Child Liability Waiver (for students under 18yrs) or the Adult Liability Waiver (for students 18yrs+). Once you have submitted the form, contact the office to secure a space in class.

Doctor’s Releases

Sometimes a doctor’s release is required to participate if a student has specific physical or medical conditions such as (but not limited to) heart conditions, epilepsy, or bone and joint issues.  Please contact us if you have questions about specific medical conditions. 

  • Absolutely NO tummies showing (we suggest wearing a leotard or biketard underneath shorts and shirts)
  • No low-cut shirts (front or back)
  • No spaghetti straps (tank­-style shirts must have a minimum 1inch shoulder strap)
  • All shorts must have at least a 6 inch inseam (no high cut bottoms or short shorts)
  • No gum
  • Sweatpants okay during winter months
  • Must be barefoot or wearing a gymnastics shoe
  • Long hair must be tied back

Program Schedule

Program Class Age Days & Times
Cartwheel Camp October 16th-December 11th 5 – 18 Saturday: 11:00am-12:00pm

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events

Break the Barriers is the one place in our community that accepts my son and his needs for what they are. He can thrive socially with others while learning new skills.

-BTB Parent

Staff Training

We strive to prepare our staff to effectively work with and teach children of all abilities to be in a class with other students. All staff are required to attend workshops where they:

  • Are trained in an ability awareness class with co-founder, Deby Hergenrader
  • Are familiarized with ASD
  • Learn how to use PECs, a structured schedule, social stories, and the Timed Timer
  • Co-teach spectrum classes with a trained staff member

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